The Holy Spirit in Counseling – Part I

In recent posts we have discussed the importance of engaging biblical discipleship counseling. Christian ministry does not merely stop when evangelism succeeds. We all need to be discipled. We all need biblical counseling. When we speak of "biblical discipleship counseling", recall that we refer to counsel that relies on the Word of God for all counseling and discipleship needs.

When engaging in counseling, it is not enough to merely read the Bible to the counselee. The Holy Spirit has the very important role of guiding us in the application of Scripture, both as we counsel and are being counseled. In Isaiah 61:1, Jesus said, “The Spirit of the Lord GOD is upon Me…” and then He began to describe how He would minister. The Holy Spirit of the Lord was with Jesus as He ministered the counsel of God.

Since we want to counsel as Christ counseled, we must ask ourselves how to follow Christ’s example and counsel as He did. To engage in counseling as...

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